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Lhasa, the use of solar lights last year nearly 1200
published date: 2014/5/19

  Last December, August Chengguan District of Lhasa City Infrastructure Improvement Project Area through the acceptance, after the transformation of solar cell lights are energy-saving environmental protection, residential tenants do not pay for electricity, happy. Since last year, Lhasa City, capital investment increasing energy conservation and advocacy efforts, through the promotion of new products, new energy, new materials and other ways to make energy conservation, received the results.

  Bring new energy to the new equipment. Since last year, Lhasa City in the transport corridors, green landscape, the construction of new countryside close to 1,200 additional solar street lights; the implementation of agricultural and pastoral areas in the conditional gas projects throughout the year to complete the construction of rural household biogas digesters 9975; invested 10.27 million yuan Damxung County Government built a geothermal heating project and when the male nursing home geothermal heating projects, heating area of 1.5 million square meters, the annual electricity savings of about 90 million kwh.

  Promotion of new projects in new equipment and new materials. Lhasa attaches great importance to building the field of new energy. In the city of Lhasa has been completed using the cadres and workers working on a housing project, the district used in all solar street lighting systems, water supply equipment upstairs also installed solar water heaters; built in the trunk Lalu wetland afforestation project, the street lights all use solar, wind Integrated lighting. In addition, adhere to market-oriented applications as a leader, in a total ban on the use of solid clay brick, while actively promoting a variety of new wall materials, the city's "no stick "to the implementation rate of 80%, application of architectural proportion of new wall materials 35%

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